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"“It’s Up To You” – it’s by far and away one of the more ambitious tunes I’ve heard from the independent scene with a real mix and wide blend of ideas all mixed together as one in this latest single."


- The Music Mag -

Taking an intense love of music born early in his childhood, young Christian Szabo has always had big dreams of taking that passion to a higher-level.  

Throughout his years studying to eventually graduate with an economist’s degree, Christian was able to discover another incredible interest in his life – world travel. The music never left his side for a single moment; and as he finished earning his education he would eventually first find a new home in Monaco, then onto Paris with an opportunity to play live and take his music to a whole new part of the world as Christone.

Continuing with his passion for travel, Christone would make stops in exotic places of the world like Brazil, Spain and his own home of Budapest as he began to develop a massively-supportive following for his singing and song-writing around the globe.  
After releasing the hit-single “It’s Up To You,” critics and peers alike took an immediate shine to the sparkling tone, vibrant enthusiasm and passion for music that radiates beautifully from Christone’s captivating live-performances & music. 

Currently, he’s taking that passion to a professional-studio based in New York with the best music he’s written to-date ready to be recorded for a brand-new EP while making a home back in Paris, France once again.  

Always travelling, always playing and always writing – his world-experience has truly made him a man of the people…a relatable storyteller through his lyricism with music that is warm, inviting and accessible to all. Combined with his determination to succeed and ability to evolve and adapt to new & exciting sounds & styles of music – Christone is at his creative-best right here & right NOW – and he can’t wait to share his brand-new music with you all on his upcoming 2023 single release.

The recognition he received from his first two MTV features has opened new opportunities for Christone, leading to connections with other talented artists. With this expanded network, he is now in the process of creating his third music video. This marks a new chapter in his career and fans can look forward to even more exciting projects from Christone in the future.

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